Puppy Classes

Yes! We have Puppy Classes! Every Tuesday evening from 5.30pm to 6.30pm in our Wellness Room. Contact us to book your spot.

  • Why pWc Puppy Classes?
  • What’s the Format?
  • How much?
  • What else?

Why pWc Puppy Classes? Why are our Puppy Classes different?

We believe in positive training and we’ve invested our money and our time in acquiring and developing a state of the art puppy classes curriculum, customised by a highly qualified and experienced Animal Behaviourist to be absolutely certain we are giving you and your puppy the very best foundation for your life together.

You’re no doubt aware that puppy ‘socialisation’ is important, but it’s not as simple as just putting puppies with other pups and other people. Puppy socialisation needs to be done the right way and if done wrong can potentially have a lifelong negative impact on your puppy’s ability to interact with people, other dogs and the external environment. Done well, puppy socialisation can ensure that your puppy is happy, comfortable and reliable in most life situations, setting you up for a wonderful life together with your pet.

Our Puppy Classes are run by qualified and experienced Trainers and we’ll help you to ensure that the two most important factors of puppy socialisation are met:-

  1. That it is a POSITIVE experience for the puppy; and
  2. That the puppy is not overwhelmed.

These weeks of a pup’s life are just so important to set them up to be a reliable, happy, family and community dog in the future.

What’s the Format?

The format of our Puppy Classes is a little different than most. Your orientation is basically a bunch of reading that you need to try to take a look over before you come to the first class. This is so that our actual classes are very practical and hands on with your pup, rather than too much lecturing. The Student Handbook we give you will set you up for some great progress before you even get here and will stay with you to keep working on your puppy socialisation and training long after you leave.

The actual classes are themed and are not sequential. Because of this, we can offer Open Enrolment, meaning you can start straight away! Don’t wait for the next 4 or 5 week program to start, start this week! Although we can only take a maximum of 8 puppies each week so make sure you book in advance.

Open Enrolment means you and your pup will have the opportunity to interact with new people and new puppies throughout your program, rather than starting and ending with the same group. Open Enrolment also means that if you miss a class, you can just come straight back in the next week without having missed anything vital that you needed to know before the next class.

Every puppy and puppy parent develops and learns differently, so with our format you never have to feel like you’re falling behind, or being held back.

How much?

Our Open Enrolment format means we can offer flexible payment arrangements for our Puppy Classes. You can either pay per class ($35) or you can purchase the whole 5 week program for $140. If you do purchase the whole program we do not offer refunds for missed classes, although we will offer a ‘catch up’ class if it suits.

Pet Wellness Plan members get 10% off, of course!

What else?

We supply all the equipment and all the treats for your first class. We’ve got heaps of space in our Wellness Room but please note that for the time being we can only accept TWO people per puppy at class in order to ensure appropriate social distancing. Other than that,  bring a positive attitude and a hungry puppy! Treats are a big part of the training process and a hungry puppy responds well 🙂

Helping pets live longer, healthier, happier lives is our aim and it starts with Puppy Class!

Important: we use peanut butter in our puppy class and the environment is NOT safe for someone with a peanut allergy.