Pet Wellness Plans

Please note: as of June 2023 we have paused accepting new Pet Wellness Plan Members. We are currently experiencing exceptionally high demand and we are focused on fulfilling our commitment to our existing Plan Members. As such, we will not be expanding Membership numbers at this time.

(Please also note that it is not necessary to be a Pet Wellness Plan Member to attend Pet Wellness Centre, so non plan members are still welcome to book an appointment via our online portal, by phone or in person subject to availability.)

We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to be the best pet parent you can be. That’s why we created the Pet Wellness Plan!

Our Pet Wellness Plans offer complete peace of mind with unlimited FREE consultations, easy monthly payments and free home delivery of everything you need.

Yep, we think it’s pretty cool too 🙂

Here’s what we offer:-

Pet Wellness Plan 

$110 up front plus $40 per month (x 11 months) = $550 per year


  • Unlimited FREE consultations
  • Unlimited FREE nail trims
  • FREE Annual Vaccinations in accordance with Pet Wellness Centre’s Best for Pet vaccination protocol (yes, this is also for puppies and kittens!)
  • FREE microchipping (if required)
  • 1 x FREE Comprehensive Blood and Biochemistry Analysis
  • 1 x FREE Urine Analysis
  • $200 off any general anaesthetic dental treatment (including scale and polish!)
  • 10% off all Professional Veterinary Services
  • 10% off all Oral and Topical Parasite Prevention Treatments
  • 10% off all Prescription Food
  • 10% off all Prescription Medications
  • 10% off Titer Testing
  • 10% off plans for pet brothers and sisters! (10% off the cost of a Pet Wellness Plan for additional pets)
  • FREE Home Delivery (within 10kms from the Centre)
  • Our advice and expertise whenever you need it – this is our PWC friends plan and we take care of our friends.

Terms and Conditions apply to all of the above inclusions and you can read The Fine Print here

Already in a plan but want to come to Pet Wellness Centre? Talk to us about how we can help you to transition without hurting your wallet. We’re all about making new friends so we’ll help make it easy for you 🙂