Meet the Team

Dr Che Phillips – Senior Veterinary Surgeon

“Hi my name is Che and I am one of the Veterinarians you may meet at the Pet Wellness Centre.

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 2004 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with First Class Honours. I later went on to obtain my memberships with the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists through examination in the medicine of Australasian Wildlife.

In the early phases of my career a large portion of my time was spent as a Veterinarian in the zoo industry and I have worked as a vet for a number of Zoological institutions within Australia. I have treated all animals great and small from Elephants and Komodo Dragons to Geckos and Stick Insects!!

In more recent years my primary veterinary focus has been small animals including dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. I enjoy working with companion animals immensely. My area of veterinary interest is medicine and I love putting all the diagnostic pieces together to obtain a diagnosis and create a treatment plan to get the best health outcome for your pet.

At home I have a very charismatic Boston Terrier named Wallace 😉 On my days off I love spending time with family and friends and getting out and about for a bush walk, swim or adventure.

I look forward to continuing to care for all the clients and patients of Pet Wellness Centre. Feel free to pop in and bring your furred, feathered or scaly friend to say hello!”

Dr Claire Stevens – Veterinary Surgeon

“Hi, Im Dr Claire, I’ve been a small animal vet for over 10 years now and practiced in Australia, the UK and most recently volunteered in South Africa, which was totally awesome!

I absolutely love dogs and cats. I’m super passionate about their welfare and ensuring they have long, happy, healthy lives. I’m also a pet care blogger – I write helpful articles about dogs and cats, create pet care videos and spend waaay too much time on instagram. My latest project was to write a book, Im just editing the final draft now – its about dogs, surprise surprise!

At home, I’m an exhausted mum of two little boys (so many stains and broken things) and I love kick boxing. I’m the newbie at Pet Wellness Centre and I cant wait to meet you and your beautiful fur babies. So please come say hi!”

Find out more about Dr Claire here:-

Dr Suzie Kruse – Veterinary Surgeon

“Hi, I’m Dr Suzie! I grew up on the Gold Coast and studied at UQ. I spent several years practicing in Melbourne and South Africa, before moving back to the coast.

What I love most about being a vet is getting to know my patients and their human families, and helping them to make changes which improve their pet’s quality of life and longevity. I always strive to give my patients the same level of care that I would expect for my own furbabies.

In my spare time, I am the personal assistant of a very cute and cheeky two year old, my son Dominic. We live with his dad and two fursisters, Luna (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and Bella (an adopted dachshund cross). When permitted by my toddler, I like to enjoy a flat white or glass of red with my girlfriends.

I look forward to meeting you and your furry family members at the Pet Wellness Centre!”

Bella – Senior Veterinary Nurse

“Hi, I’m Bella, Head Nurse at pWc. The love of animals in my family runs through generations, so I was born to live and breathe love of animals. I have been nursing for 12 years now and I find no greater pleasure than helping animals big or small, feathers or fur! I love that I get to wake up every day and go and live the dream!

My nursing adventure started at a bird and reptile specialist which gave me great insight into species that aren’t domesticated like our dogs and cats. I then moved to a small animal practice and fell in love with the fur kind.

There is no denying I’m the crazy cat lady at the Centre 🙂 You’ll usually find me in the cat ward filling their little hearts with love and making sure their experience here is as comfortable and stress free as possible.

At home I live with my daughter, 2 cats Loki and Ivar, as well as two cheeky Boston Terriers named Bjorn and Astrid!

Pet Wellness Centre is a place to call home and I will strive to give your pets the very best care possible in the hope that Pet Wellness Centre can become their home away from home too!”

Hannah – Trainee Vet Nurse

“Hi pet parents and pet lovers! I’m Hannah a Vet Nurse Trainee here at PWC!

I was lucky enough to grow up on a beautiful rural Property on the Far South Coast of NSW where I helped raise and care for a large variety of animals both large (horses, cows, sheep and goats) and small (dogs, cats, chickens, guinea pigs and birds) with many of these animals coming into our care as rescue or neglect cases, so providing love and care to all types of animals has always been a major love since my very early childhood.

I am still a sucker for a rescue animal and currently have just one of my own – Meeko, a 3 year old American Staffy.

I’m extremely lucky to have this amazing opportunity to learn from such a caring, skilled and knowledgeable team here at the pWc and my favourite part about my position here is assisting with our Puppy Class every week – being a part of all the pWc puppies journey’s as they grow is really rewarding.”

Mady – Trainee Vet Nurse

“I’m a trainee veterinary nurse, soon to be completing my studies and receive my qualifications in veterinary nursing!

I have loved animals and been fascinated by the natural world since I was little.

I first gained experience working with animals as a volunteer in Currumbin Wildlife Hospital and decided that this is what I needed to be doing with my life.

I love veterinary nursing as each day is different and I know that when I come home at the end of the day I have helped improve the life of an animal and their family.”

Laura – Veterinary Nurse

“Hi I’m Laura one of the Nurses here at the Pet Wellness Centre!

I’ve been nursing for about 3 years and have been loving every second of it! I started off at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital as a trainee Vet Nurse in 2016 and then made the transition to domestic animals when I was qualified at the end of 2017. To me this is so much more than a job, it is my passion and dream. I love being able to help comfort pets whilst they are unwell. Sending home a recovered patient after being in hospital is one of the best feelings in the world! 😊

In my spare time you can either find me with my nose in a good book or at the park under a tree with my partner and our Border Collie Eggy. Thank you to all our lovely pet parents for making this job the most amazing! It wouldn’t be the same without you all!”

Karen Shield – Holistic Pet Therapist

“Hi I’m Karen, I’m a long time Burleigh Heads local.

I was born into a family of dog breeders and learning to crawl surrounded by puppies left me no choice but to love pets unconditionally. This continued through my childhood of which I spent the vast majority working at the local dairy farm where I agisted my first pony. My love for animals continued through high school on the Gold Coast and I soon commenced work as a casual veterinary nurse whilst completing school. I then took a side step and studied a Science degree and Post Graduate studies in Psychology. I spent many years working with people who were recovering from mental illness. Pets played a major role in their treatment plan to get well whether that be walking the dog for exercise or partaking in mindfulness with their pets.

Realising my husband would only allow me to keep four pets at home I had to find another way to play with and cuddle pets all day, hence I went and studied a Diploma in Animal Acupuncture Therapies. Now I can honestly say I have the best job in the world.

I really love working in conjunction with the whole Pet Wellness Centre Team to ensure an integrative approach to managing your pet’s health and wellbeing.”

Sandy Sharpe – Animal Physiotherapist

“Hello I’m Sandy and I am a physiotherapist who specialises with animals! I think I was always destined to work with animals and spent my upbringing with a dog (or two or three) in tow and in a paddock being followed by a herd of horses. It was my love of animals and bad luck spent in the physio clinic, which sparked an interest in fusing a career as a physiotherapist with treating animals. I started my journey by graduating as a physiotherapist in 2004 and honing my skills as a physio before completing a Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy in the UK in 2008. Over the years I have continued to work with people, dogs, cats and horses here and in the UK and Ireland but now prefer to spend all my time with our furry friends!

I believe that animals, like humans, need the attention of physiotherapists to properly treat all their aches and pains, injures and more serious neurological conditions. I enjoy working closely with the vet and owner to provide the best treatment and rehabilitation programme for your pets.

In my downtime, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three young children and of course our two beautiful rescue dogs, Kyzer and Holly!”

Kristi Mulcahy – Veterinary Technician (Anaesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning)

“I was born and raised in beautiful Huntington Beach, California and I’ve lived in Australia since 2008. I absolutely LOVE it here! I’ve been working as a vet tech in animal medicine since 1993.

I have enjoyed working with holistic vets, surgical specialists, reptile and avian vets, and more. Initially, upon moving to Australia, I operated a successful natural doggie dessert company.

Once my two boys were in school full time, I decided to jump right back into it by switching my gears back to animal services.

Anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning and polishing is a beautiful alternative for senior pets, and those pets experiencing heart conditions, seizures, liver or kidney issues and a variety of other medical conditions that prevent a pet having a general anaesthetic.

Maintaining clean teeth in between general anaesthetic cleans is a great addition to dental health. I’m all about dental health awareness and love the opportunity to have owners ‘sit in’ during the cleaning so we can get a game plan for the future of their pet’s oral health. I adore my patients & love contributing to their well-being.”

Cathy U’Ren – Chief Wellness Officer


“I’m Cath and I’m the Chief Wellness Officer! I call myself Chief Wellness Officer because ultimately I’m responsible, not just for the wellness of the pets but also for the wellness of the team, the wellness of our supplier relationships, the wellness of our stock and products, the wellness of our business and our contribution to the wellness of our community! Phew! It’s a big job but with this incredible Team and all of the great supporters we have helping us in the background I know we can do it well.

I believe pet care can and must continue to be improved. Our pets mean so much in our lives and they deserve the best care. I love animals. I grew up on the Gold Coast/Tweed Coast and we always had a house full of pets: dogs, cats, guinea pigs, native birds and chickens! My mum, sister and I all worked at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary when I was young and I used to go out rescuing birds and wildlife feeling like I was a hero. I even dressed up in the Lorikeet suit and ran around the bird feeding arena to entertain the kids! Yep, I love animals but it’s the bond between animals and humans and the impact that has on the wellness of both and the community that I’m really driven by.

The little guy with me in the pic is BRAIN and he was the inspiration for the Pet Wellness Centre. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Brain on the 18th October, 2017 but his legacy lives on in the love and care that all pets receive in our Centre. Brain is succeeded by a very stubborn and cheeky little Boston named Harry, whom we adopted so that we can help him with his severe growth issues in his back legs. Harry and I love hanging out with my husband Baden and our kids Mariel and Bryce. Brain made our life better, every single day and now Harry does the same. I’m sure pets make us better people.

It’s my pleasure and honour to serve you and your pets at Pet Wellness Centre. Together, we can help pets live longer, healthier, happier lives!

P.S. Keep an eye out for our Pet Happiness Supervisor (Mariel) and Pet Concierge (Bryce) around the Centre …….  ;)”

Pet Care delivered with love, care and compassion – from our family to yours xxx

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