Join our Team!

Hey there Veterinary Surgeons!

Do you remember why you became a vet?

We’re guessing it wasn’t to meet a daily quota.

If you still dream of practicing veterinary medicine the way you believed it could be, we think you might like it here with us at Pet Wellness Centre.

Are we perfect? Hell no. We don’t know everything. We’re two years old. We’re all still learning. But there’s a few things we do know.

We *truly* put patient comfort at the heart of everything we do.

We go above and beyond for our patients, our clients and our team mates. Every. Day.

We are fully independent, making our own decisions in our beautiful newly built Centre in Burleigh Heads.

We strive for improvement every day.

We are an Internationally Accredited Gold Standard Cat Friendly Clinic.

We offer complementary services like Acupuncture and Physiotherapy and we have all the equipment you could hope for.

We’re a tight Team. We sometimes get annoyed with each other. We’re not perfect. But we’ve got each other’s backs, without question.

Our clients have very high expectations, and that’s the way we like it.

We believe that we have a positive impact on the Community every single day.

Remember why you became a vet. Come and practice every day the way you hoped it would be.

Some cases will still be difficult. Some clients will still like the Senior Vet better than you. You’ll still have some crap days.

But you’ll do it with us. With a Team that believes they’re making a difference. That YOU are making a difference.

Check out our Facebook reviews and if you believe you can make people feel like that when they leave our Centre, contact us and let us know.

Nurses and support staff? We know you are an integral part of the customer and patient experience. Our support staff make Pet Wellness Centre what it is! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for opportunities to join the Team 🙂