Pet Loss Support Group

Every day at Pet Wellness Centre we see how much pets add to the quality of their owner’s lives and well-being. Sadly, we also see just how hard it is to say goodbye. This has led us to create a Pet Loss Support Group, meeting once every four weeks here at Pet Wellness Centre in the hope that our shared experiences, compassion and understanding can help provide comfort in a uniquely difficult time. 

Words do not do justice to the companionship, compassion and unconditional love we feel for our pets. This is what makes the grief from losing a beloved pet such a challenging thing to experience and deal with. 

Friends and family may not always share the same connection and love for our furry, scaley and feathered kindred spirits, making it hard for them to understand the depth of our grief. Feeling isolated and alone while we struggle to say goodbye to one of our pets and adjust to our new lives without them, can make coping during this difficult time harder still.

With all this in mind, we are offering a new service to our clients and the broader community by starting a Pet Loss Support Group.

The purpose of this group is to support people through the process of grieving after (or even before) the loss of a beloved pet. These sessions are:

* Free of charge
* Non – denominational – so we welcome people of all faiths, religions and spiritualities
* Facilitated in a way where there is no pressure or expectation for you to share or talk any more than you feel comfortable in doing.

Sessions will be held every four weeks on Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

If you or someone you know is experiencing grief as a result of losing a pet, please feel welcome and supported to attend. All we ask you to do is call the practice on (07) 5532 2011 and book your place so we can arrange seating, teas and coffees etc and also to bring a photo of your pet when you come to the session.  

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