Integrative Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Integrative Veterinary Medicine refers to the blending of conventional and complementary medicines and therapies with the aim of using the most appropriate of either or both modalities to care for the patient.

After 14 years of practise, Dr Claire Doyle BVSc (Hons), CVA (IVAS), CVFT, CCRP believes that integrative medicine provides more options for treating difficult ailments, and is critical in enhancing quality of life. Dr Claire brings together the very best of Western medicine with the very best of Eastern medicine to achieve the best possible health outcome for your pet, in alignment with your values as a pet parent.

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine has five branches of therapy: acupuncture, herbs, food, tui-na massage and lifestyle optimisation. TCVM practitioners design a treatment plan using Chinese medicine modalities, to complement Western therapy in an integrative fashion. This way, your animal gets the best of both worlds.

TCVM Benefits

Most people think of Acupuncture for pain. Acupuncture treats pain well (acute or chronic), as well as paralysis and paresis, especially associated with IVDD.

Chinese medicine can be part of an integrative treatment protocol for cancer, or can be used as sole treatment where surgery or chemotherapy is not desirable.

Dermatological (skin) disease is a multifactorial condition which can be controlled and often cured with TCVM.

TCVM can be used as sole treatment or as a complementary therapy for endocrinological disease: Diabetes, Cushings, Hyperthyroidism etc.

TCVM is great for chronic issues: asthma, behavioural disorders, renal failure, weight loss, diarrhoea, continence issues.

TCVM helps combat some signs of ageing.

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