We love Burleigh. We love Palmy. We love Miami. In fact, the Southern Gold Coast has got to be the best place to live with a pet, right?

In order to help our fellow Coasties when deciding where to go for breakfast or what to do with their pooch on the weekend, we’ve sent Brain out to discover the Southern Goldie’s best pet friendly cafรฉs. We’re also committed to keeping you up to date on local activities and events. I know it’s a bit more challenging for the cat lovers to take their beloved pets out into the community, but we’ll be sure to share anything we discover that might suit all types of pet owners!

If there’s anything you think we should share or any places we should send Brain to test, please contact us and let us know ๐Ÿ™‚

(Disclosure – we’re not paid to do this and we don’t have any sort of deals with any businesses listed here – we do hope that they and all in the community might support us as we support them regardless of any blog listing!)

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Brain’s Pet Friendly Cafรฉ Discovery Mission

Lakeview Cafe & Espresso – Burleigh Waters

Parlour – West Burleigh

Genki Cafรฉ – Palm Beach